Tiago Changed this

Tiago Changed this is a Portuguese language surname first name. Originates from the Latin Iacobus, which name is a Latinized form of the Hebrew name Ya'akov (יעקב) or Jacob. In fact, it is known that Jacob was born holding his twin brother Esau's heel. The same term could also have the sense to supplant, in allusion to the lentil dish that takes Jacob instead of Esau, breaking a birthright, for which the dish would correspond to his brother, born a few minutes before. James is actually a corruption of another Portuguese version of Ya'acov that is Iago. The name Tiago appeared from the agglutination of two elements Santo and Iago that produced Santiago. In turn, to separate again the word Holy appeared a corruption that later would become the name James. In Brazil, for there is no official spelling control of proper names, it is also very common to incorrect version Thiago, derived from a false etymology that attributed without any foundation the ' th ' of an alleged Greek origin started with the letter θ1. Besides Jacob and Iago, the name James also has other versions as Diogo and Jaime. Tiago Changed this

Tiago changed this originates from the name coming from the Spanish Santiago, through agglutination Santiago, and emerged as a variation of Iago, a modified form of Jacob. The name Jacob originated in the Hebrew Yaaqobh, Aramaic, Akkadian iqbá related iqbu, Arabic aqib, which means "heel", and means "one who comes on the heel". Tiago is named after a Biblical character mentioned in the New Testament as one of the twelve apostles of Christ. Known as "Santiago Maior", "São Tiago", "James the just" or "Santiago de Compostela", the latter was spread worldwide by influence of the Spanish city of the same name. The name Tiago is quite popular in Brazil, Portugal, Spain and other Latin-speaking countries. Another common variation is Thiago or Tan, mainly in Brazil changed this.